26 9 / 2013

I moved to portland and promptly got rid of all my plaid simply because it’s all ANYONE wears here. Today, almost 3 years later Im wearing a plaid flannel. It’s cozy in the cold rain damn it! Sigh, I have become one of them.

18 9 / 2013

The inevitable is coming back around. Portland rain… for many many months. This year, year three in PDX, I am feeling almost excited about it though. Looking forward to being indoors and reading. But I also wanted to make an ongoing list of fun indoor adventures to go on this winter. 

Indoor Blacklight Haunted Pirate Mini Golf!!!!
Ive known about this place for a while, but am waiting for the just right, ho-hum rainy saturday to go to it. ” This place promises animated skeletons, props, and “adventure sounds.”  HELL YES. 

McMinville Waterpark
Waterslides coming out of an AIRPLANE. Nuff said. (note, this is also a part of an aviation museum!!!!)

Jump Sky High Sports.
If the gym isn’t doin it for you, and you want to spend an hour or two bouncing all over the place, check this place out. Yes, adults can bounce too!!!!!


And of course arcade fun is good to keep in mind. or Laser tag!!!!

11 9 / 2013

Is this the end….? Was a great long summer and a rainless spring, so carry gratitude and enjoy this week before the rain. Hopefully it’s just a little spritz.

Is this the end….? Was a great long summer and a rainless spring, so carry gratitude and enjoy this week before the rain. Hopefully it’s just a little spritz.

19 8 / 2013

The shock and almost appaul and people’s kindess here in Portland continues. Late Saturday night I was walking home from an outdoor movie, and I walked past a front yard that looked like it had ghosts hanging in the trees, and some other creepy stuff. Of course I wanted to look closer. 

I then realized this house had set up a yard sale the NIGHT BEFORE their sale, and were SO trusting of this town and neighborhood that having clothes out, and tables just covered in table cloths would keep vandals away. And you know what? IT DID!!!! this town! So crazy. 

I still wish the clothes hanging had been ghosts. 

16 8 / 2013

Waning summer Saturdays in Pdx. Perhaps you hiked through the forest, or maybe you watched the Soapbox cars shoot down Tabor. You’ve earned yourself a night out of this world. Travel to PLANET OF THE DINOSAURS. The 1977 film is playing outdoors this saturday night!

Seewallcrest Park
930 pm
31st and SE Stephens

From IMDB.”A space-ship gets lost and is forced to make an emergency landing on an unknown planet. The planet looks much like Earth, only with no trace of civilization. Soon the crew discovers that there are dinosaurs on the planet, and blood-thirsty buggers at that. The crew hopes to be found and rescued, but they have to struggle to survive until then.”

16 8 / 2013

Classic annual pdx summer fun. 
The Portland Adult SoapBox Derby!!!!!
Pack a picnic, bring some friends (yes, even your friends with kids and *gasp* their kids can come to this one) and enjoy watching a range of hilarious floats to immaculately crafted soap box derby cars speeding down and around Mt Tabor. A fun way to chill out all day, run into people, eat food, play Uno outdoors (this is my way of doing things), and see an amusing thing or rad handmade car make it’s way down our local dormant volcano!
This Saturday
Mt Tabor
Do it!

15 8 / 2013

Will SOMEONE please start a hip hop radio station here in pdx!? I know maybe the request even for a proper FM band radio station in the year 2013 is a weird thing but Im just putting it out there. 

14 8 / 2013

I made a google map of many a pdx place I love. From art galleries, to shops, to places to eat and maybe a hike or two with no descriptions. 

Want more info? Google it man….

14 8 / 2013

As a lover of the outdoors, I have learned living in PDX is all about how you manage your time with the weather you are given. For me, that means exploding with energy once summer comes upon us… and going nearly nonstop until it’s gone in October…

Anyway, the sense of camaraderie and kindess around adventuring in nature here is STRONG. You want to go on a hike in the area? Check out www.portlandhikersfieldguide.org for DETAILED extremely helpful trail ideas. 

Pictured below, climbing table mountain, Hamilton Mountain, and Eagle Creek





14 8 / 2013

Summer is coming to an end. It’s been great. I’ve had many visitors… most of my friends (myself included) are vegan or vegetarian. So I figured it’s good to have a handy list of my top Veeg and Veg spots in pdx. there are SO many, here are a highlighted few. (sadly, this list does not include an amazing Indian spot, as I havent found one… perhaps i will FOUND one… and the eithopian place I love will get it’s own post soon). So listed below is American/whitey fusion Vegan and Veg spots to enjoy. 
2816 SE Stark St
When you don’t want to eat just vegan junk food
Bowls of rice, kale, tempeh etc and incredible fresh juices and smoothies. I took my dad here and he was faked out by soy curls. He totally enjoyed it and it was hilarious how later he found it preposterous that it hadn’t been meat!
3632 SE Hawthorne Blvd
By the same owners as Prasad, which I have posted about before. 
While they have amazing, wonderful gluten free and raw options, let me say, it has some of the best vegan mac and cheese I have EVER had. And yes, plenty of good healthy juices/smoothies that could easily replace a meal. 
The interior here is trying to be nice, picnicky, farm to table vibe, but it ends up feeling a little open, predictable and shabby wedding chic meets hawthorne storefront. But seriously, try the mac and cheese. And remember, they are a healthy, sustainable vibe, I just couldnt resist this on their menu
A N D café
5420 E burnside
Fuck. This place fucking rules. They literally define half their meals as nests! NESTS of hash browns with tofu scramble, vegetables and other goodness inside. Brunch here is epic for a vegan. Good, healthy, and many options. 
It’s small, and not usually with a huge wait, and your best bet is some nesty nest or their incredible waffle selection. Do it!!!!
Home Grown Smoker
Mississippi and Skidmore food cart pod. 
Man. I was LATE to the game on this one. Incredible southern slathered vegan style bbq tempeh, meat loaf, worthy veeg mac and cheese, collards etc. 
Quick vegan junk stops:
Hungry Tiger:
207 SE 12th 
horrible service, but delicious vegan club (they also have a full meat menu for your friends that arent down with fake meat). Wednesdays are dollar vegan (and meaty) corndog night!!!!
8th and SE Main
Well well well. Our friends at Relapse opened another eatery/drinkery. Punx makin the money, and attracting cool kids to what was once a beautiful subculture. Ok, end rant. This place is great, never too packed (I dont really go to bars on a Fri or Sat though…) Jackfruit burger, beet burger, BORING fries (come on dudes, everyone wants GOOD fries), but also VEGAN SMORES. come on. Get in on it. And if your friends want to get wasted, you can entertain yourself in the photobooth while they act a fool and can’t even identify it’s 7seconds playing over the speakers (softly enough so you can hear eachother). END RANT FOR REAL. 
Hawthorne Carts
1204 Southeast Hawthorne
Wiffie Pie: I have NEVER eaten here, butI hear its great. I have taken the late night vegan arrivers to this spot. Savory or sweet pies after a late night of dancing and who knows what? at the carts on 12th and Hawthorne
Poutine Cart:
Don’t know what poutine is? Imagine disco-fries, but canadian. Meat and vegan versions.

There’s a crepe cart in this pod that can make a bunch of vegan stuff too!!!!
There are a ton more. These are my go-to’s lately. 
Be good to yourself! Eat all the food.